Wild Wattle Studio

Wild Wattle pieces are designed by sisters Lisa Grant and Anita Miles. 

Lisa and I grew up in the Blue Mountains, actually in the home where we now have our bright, warm studio. We used to sit around a big polystyrene craft box with our neighbourhood friends, designing wall hangings and jewellery for our lucky mums out of toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners and lots of sparkles. 

After a little refining of our processes, a lot of education and practice, and a serious upgrading our materials to sustainably attained, long-lasting and mindful mediums like clay and recycled (not mined) silver and gold, we have blossomed in to Wild Wattle. 

Our top priorities are to love God, love our neighbours, and to steward this beautiful planet as best we can, which is why we not only choose our materials and suppliers for their low ecological footprint, but we have chosen to give a huge 10% of every purchase (not just our profits) to Hope For Health. Hope For Health are running community-led health retreats for the Yolngu men and women in Arnhem Land, and aim to restore the vibrant, self-reliant culture they had until recently enjoyed for thousands of years.

We are always designing, always thinking about how we can bring the most lovable, most endearing objects to our beloved customers. We can't wait to show you what's next! 

- Anita